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From traditionally designed homes in Kent to newer home construction with a contemporary architectural style, the choice in windows is a big decision for the homeowner. When choosing replacement windows, there is flexibility in selecting the same style or making large or small style changes to give the home a new look.

Whilst it is often a simple choice to replace the existing windows with the same design and style, it is definitely also a very good time to look at the other options on the market. Today, different materials, security features and even options in insulation and glazing can add value to the window replacement.


Traditional timber is still a favoured option with many replacement windows, and it is an excellent choice, particularly on traditional styles of home. Solid, stately and secure, it is a long-lasting window option.

Aluminium is a more modern option in windows. With a double polyamide break section for greater insulation, these windows are practical as well as aesthetically in keeping with both modern and traditional home designs and styles.

Increasing Window Size

Before considering replacement windows, stop and think about the amount of light in the room and if the current windows are providing the ideal level of natural light. In many older homes, the windows were smaller, allowing in limited light. During the renovation process, increasing the window size or adding larger bi-fold or sliding patio doors may be an option to give your Kent home a brighter, open look and feel.

Energy Savings

The insulation level of the windows should always be considered during the replacement. At The Window Sanctuary, we offer quality productions offering glazed windows for additional insulation. Additional protection in the design to eliminate draught around the window is also an energy-saving feature to request.

At The Window Sanctuary, we offer a full line of quality, secure and energy saving replacement windows for all styles of homes in Kent. To see our products, visit us online at