3 Ways Pilates Can Boost Your Health

by | Jan 4, 2016 | Chiropractor

Do you want to work your muscles to improve strength, minus the strenuous workout session? If so, you should think about practicing Pilates. This popular form of low-intensity exercise is practiced around the world and is favoured by a lot of celebrities who like to keep their bodies looking lean and toned. In fact, so good is this type of exercise that even professional dancers participate in classes as a way of staying active and healthy. People of all ages can participate in Pilates sessions, which can fit around an existing exercise program, should you have one. Aside from the energy-boosting and weight loss benefits, it also offers the following health enhancing benefits.

Better Balance

Reflexes begin to slow down as a person ages and this can actually have an impact on balance. A lot of the moves practiced in a typical Pilates session will focus on body awareness, so you can expect your balance to improve greatly after a few sessions in the studio. Some of the more popular balancing exercises include the stand-up exercises. Most of these exercises are influenced by matwork moves. You don’t have to worry about stress being put on the joints, because with controlled breathing and movement through the hips, better balance can be mastered without inflicting an injury on yourself in the process.

Stronger Core

How would you rate your core strength? If you don’t consider your core to be very strong, a Pilates routine could help. The core is made up of your back and abdomen – two body parts that are used a lot in Pilates sessions. You will soon learn how to move your spine in a fluid-like way, whilst improving overall body stability. When you think about the fact that this will reduce the chances of spinal discs slipping and causing a hunched back or compression problems, there really is no reason not to integrate core exercises into your daily routine.

Greater Flexibility

When you think of someone who is flexible, you might imagine a person doing the splits. Although this is a sign of flexibility, it isn’t the only way your body will change once you start doing Pilates. Muscle tone and strength will improve too, so prepare to unleash that hidden six-pack when you try out this traditional workout. Controlling the muscles will be much easier after a couple of sessions, most of which will involve stretching for around 30 minutes.

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