Adding Value in Fabrication

by | Oct 31, 2017 | Metal Fabrication

From engineering to production metal fabrication is a value added process. Building metal parts from a variety of materials through cutting, bending, machining and assembly is engineering fabrication.

Pragmatic or Aesthetic Value

Stainless steel, aluminum, mild steel and sheet metal are formed into items with pragmatic or sensory purposes. A steel or aluminum step, a stainless countertop or serving table may have both aesthetic and practical uses, but a table centerpiece will add artistic décor to a restaurant or a family’s dining room.

One Stop Value

Large fabrication shops typically offer many value added options such as welding, laser cutting, grinding, polishing, punch and press, and precision machining. They are one-stop shops adding value so the customer has all needs fulfilled without resorting to multiple vendors. The savings in research, time, paperwork and man-hours adds value to the end product. Engineering fabrication of metal parts start with detailed drawings containing precise measurements. Next the step is fabrication and finally production of small or large quantities. Projects may be small parts or building frames and heavy equipment.

Change is the Norm to Continue Adding Value

Competition in our modern market is world-wide. The same technology is available in many places around the world. The new norm in manufacturing is change, according to The Innovation is what changes the world around us. Companies that keep abreast of the changes in technology will be leaders in fabrication and always add value to their customers.

Experience Adds Value in Fabrication

While change is the new norm, the foundation of experience always adds value for the customer looking for quality fabrication. Technology may change allowing for better productivity and faster turn-around, but companies with a track record of producing a good quality product at an affordable price will attract the customers. Adding value in metal fabrication means being a one-stop shop, being open to change and having the experience necessary to provide the best quality.

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