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If your vehicle is looking a little tired, you may be thinking of customising it with alloy wheel and tyre sets. By replacing the wheel and tyre, you can instantly enhance the appearance of your ride, and add to its value. What’s more, new tyres will improve overall safety and road grip, thus adding to the driving experience. Before you arrange for aluminium, copper, gold or iron alloys to be fitted, pay some thought to the type of tyre. Aside from the brand, there are three main tyre types to choose between for the best fuel efficiency, longevity and safety.

Summer Tyres

Better traction and dry handling are the two main advantages associated with summer tyres. Offering maximum performance for pretty much any type of vehicle, they are designed to grip to the road in hotter conditions. Summer tyres are crafted differently to others, because the unique tread pattern directs water away from the wheel, so that the driver can enjoy a smoother ride. The only negative associated with summer alloy wheel and tyre sets is the fact that the tread tends to run out quicker than it does on other tyres.

Winter Tyres

When temperatures plummet, it’s advisable to get winter tyres fitted on your vehicle. These specially made tyres withstand colder temperatures, and the big tread sections offer maximum grip in snowy, icy and cold conditions. A silica-based compound will normally be used to craft winter tyres, and this thick rubber keeps slush away from the wheel, so that the chance of skidding is reduced. Although the car will likely make more noise when being driven with winter tyres, the tyres won’t need replacing as often as summer tyres.

All-Season Tyres

Some regions in Europe have a moderate climate and in these areas, vehicle owners will get all-season alloy wheel and tyre sets fitted. All-season tyres are widely used in the United Kingdom, because they are durable and easy to maintain. Replacements are only required twice annually and these tyres excel in tests for traction, braking and handling in dry and wet conditions. The risk of aquaplaning is reduced thanks to the tread, which is perfectly tuned to minimise noise disruption and give the maximum amount of grip in all kinds of conditions.

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