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Watching your parents age and their health begin to fail them can be hard for any individual. One detail you want to make sure of is that your loved one is protected when you are not with them. Children want to see their parents retain their independence for as long as they can in their own home as they grow older. You can help keep them safe in their own home with personal safety alarms. How do you know they are ready for an alarm though? If they are having trouble getting up and down from a seated position, unsteady when they are walking, or have a loss of mobility they may be ready for a personal alarm.

How Can You Benefit from Personal Safety Alarms?

With personal safety alarms, you will be reassured your parent will be able to reach help if they have an emergency. An alarm will also give your parent the security they need to feel safe when they are home alone. Knowing they will be able to reach out for help by activating an alarm will ease both you and your parent’s minds. The last thing you want to do is to put your loved one in a long-term medical facility, unless absolutely necessary.

Personal Safety Alarms Are Easy to Install

SureSafe provides safety products that are easy to install. The two-way communication base is plugged into a telephone line. All wires and adaptors are provided so the device may be connected without interfering with your phone. The installation of the device should take less than five minutes. Once you program in the phone numbers to be dialed when the alarm is activated all your parent has to do is wear the pendant, or wrist alarm. The base unit has a place to install batteries to help ensure the personal safety alarm will work even during a power outage.

SureSafe Personal Safety Alarms May Be the Perfect Safety Product for You

SureSafe can provide you with an alarm for a one-time fee for the unit. There are no third-party fees for installation or monthly fees, making these alarms affordable for you and your parents. SureSafe Alarms can keep your loved one in contact with you in case of an emergency. Now you can feel more secure knowing that your relatives can reach help when they need to with their own personal safety alarms.

If you are looking for personal safety alarms for your relatives, contact SureSafe today. Their friendly representatives are available to answer any questions you may have about their products.