Benefits of Electrical Wheelchairs Taunton

by | Feb 22, 2016 | Medical Equipments

If you are caring for a loved one, or are worried about them living alone, consider the many benefits that electrical wheelchairs in Taunton can offer. First, it can allow those with limited ability to stay in their homes longer and maintain their independence. There are two types of power mobility: electric scooters and electric wheelchairs. The decision on which one to use will depend on several factors, including the user’s abilities and needs. Here are some of the benefits of an electrical wheelchair.


Power wheelchairs have several options for seating and are customizable. If users require positioning devices for stability, a power wheelchair can be customized with back and seat cushions that are equipped with various positioning features. There are other options as well, such as reclining and electric tilt, which is beneficial for those with limited ability to reposition their bodies. These options also provide pressure relief and comfort for those who sit in the electric wheelchair for a long period of time.

Space Conservation

One of the main benefits of an electrical wheelchair is the smaller turning radius. This makes them more manoeuvrable in tight spaces. They usually also come with more options in regards to front wheel drives or centre wheel drives for turning in small spaces.

Variety of Terrain

Another benefit of an electric wheelchair is that users can travel over different types of terrain, depending on the options of wheel positions and tire types. The most popular option is rear wheel drive, with the large wheel in back and the smaller wheel in the front to provide stability both indoors and outdoors. Alternatively, front wheel drives or centre wheel drives have the larger wheel in the front or centre. This allows the wheelchair to manoeuvre over curbs and obstacles safely. You can click here to know more.

Energy Conservation

Using a power wheelchair can help conserve a person’s energy. This is extremely important for those with disabilities, such as post-polio syndrome or multiple sclerosis. A wheelchair allows people to be more mobile within their home and within their community without expending their own energy. This conserved energy can then be used for other activities that are important to them.

Aging can bring many unfortunate conditions such as stroke, heart attack and other mobility-altering conditions. An electric wheelchair can give peace of mind to family members as it gives loved ones the independence needed to keep living in their own homes and get out in the community safely.

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