Benefits Of Using Stairlifts In Guildford

by | Jul 3, 2023 | Business

If you are like many older adults, you may find it harder to get up the stairs and may wish there was something else you could do or something that could help. However, there are many options, including stairlifts in Guildford. A stairlift is a simple machine that can help you get from the bottom of your stairs to the top, allowing you to rest and relax while getting to the next floor. If you’ve realised the benefits already, you’re probably looking into buying one for your home, but if you’re on the verge, it can help to learn about the advantages first.

Independence and Freedom

When many seniors get older, they can’t walk as well as they used to, which means they are more dependent on others. If you find that you try to stay downstairs more frequently or need to sleep downstairs because you can’t walk upstairs, you may benefit from a stairlift. You’ll be able to sit down and ride to the top, allowing you the freedom to go anywhere in your home again.


You can stay in more familiar surroundings when you can move about freely. Many older adults have to move to a nursing home or into a ground-floor flat because they can’t use the stairs. However, you won’t have to worry and will be able to stay in your surroundings, because you’re using a stairlift to help you get up and down.

No Conversions or New Homes

Another option, other than stairlifts, is to convert your Guildford home in some way to continue using it. That may include adding on to have a downstairs bedroom or building a ramp over the staircase. Either option can become expensive and may not be the best alternative because you will feel uncomfortable in your surroundings. Click here to learn more.

Conserve Energy

Older people have enough energy for their day, especially if they can take it easy at certain points throughout the day. Instead of using up a lot of your energy by walking up the stairs, you can sit and rest until you get to the top. Because you’ll be seated and ride the machine to the top, you won’t be expending so much energy and will be able to walk to the bedroom or restroom. You may also find that you’re safer using a stairlift because you won’t risk falling down the stairs.

Stairlifts in Guildford can offer various benefits, but in short, you will stay safe and use your energy for other things than getting upstairs. You should contact Bentley Mobility Services to learn more.

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