CCTV Installers & Suppliers Portsmouth – Some Things You Should Know About CCTV Systems

by | Dec 31, 2014 | Business

The majority of homeowners and business owners around the world have heard about closed-circuit television cameras, also known as CCTV. These specially designed cameras can operate in the day and night. Most feed live images back to a central component, so that suspicious activity can be monitored and passed on to the police if necessary. There are almost 25 million CCTV cameras in operation worldwide, with over 2.5 million of them being installed in the United Kingdom alone. Before you spend money on these security devices, discover the basics.

Understanding the Purpose

Don’t just think that systems provided by CCTV installers & suppliers in Portsmouth are just relied on to monitor your home or business premises, because they do a lot more than that. They reduce the crime rate in your area, by deterring trespassers and burglars. In addition to this, CCTV systems capture video footage of suspicious activity. When passed on to the police, this information can be used for claims or even for bringing a criminal to justice for shoplifting, assault, property damage, etc. The cameras can also be used to monitor staff activity, allowing business owners to keep business productivity at its height.

What Happens When CCTV Systems Activate?

This is a question asked by a lot of first-time CCTV owners. The CCTV installers & suppliers in Portsmouth you work with will tell you that the relevant camera will be focused on if something unusual is happening. Once this happens, a number of live feed images will be shown on the screens. Whoever has been granted access to the system can then take the appropriate action, such as call for armed response or send a colleague to the particular area.

Remote Monitoring Vs. In-House Monitoring

It’s not easy to monitor what is going on within the home or business when you are not inside the premises. This is why you ought to think about a number of solutions prior to buying a system from CCTV installers & suppliers in Portsmouth. Some systems are designed with web access, which means that you can receive instant alerts to your computer or smartphone if something goes wrong. Alternatively, you can collaborate with a company that constantly monitors footage, before contacting the security contractor you nominate for the job.

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