Choose the Right HIAB Hire for Your Requirements

by | Dec 30, 2016 | Cranes

When you need a HIAB truck it’s important that you are able to choose the right one that fits your exact requirements. Whether you need a smaller one for landscaping or construction purposes, or a medium sized one that may have a crane mounted directly behind the cab, or a larger one for delivering building materials the experts will have the perfect sized HIAB hire in Barnstaple for you. There are many factors that should be considered when choosing the right HIAB for the job. You can always rely on the experts to help you choose the correct HIAB too.

How High Do Materials Need to Be Lifted?

One factor you need to consider for a HIAB hire is how high the materials you need to lift need to be lifted. You can find a HIAB truck with a crane that’s mounted on the back of the lorry. You just need to make sure that the crane can reach up and over the space that needs to be accessed, then you need to be sure that the crane also has enough outreach. If you do not actually need a crane to transfer items from the HIAB then you should consider using a smaller HIAB vehicle. The professionals will have the HIAB equipped truck you need with a wide range of cranes perfect for the job.

Choose from a Well-Stocked Fleet

Part of choosing the perfect HIAB truck for your needs includes being able to choose from a well-stocked fleet. This can include the following; land rovers and trailers, tail lift pick-ups, thirteen tonne HIAB truck with an interchangeable body, twenty-six tonne HIAB truck with interchangeable trailers, thirty-two tonne rear-mounted crane with drawbar trailer, thirty-two tonne HIAB truck that’s four-wheel drive, forty-four tonne artic HIAB with a wide-selection of short and long trailers, and HIAB cranes ranging from one t/m to eighty t/m. With a well-stocked fleet to choose from you are guaranteed the right HIAB hire for your money.

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