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Choosing a stairlift can be tough. You have several things to think about, and it is easy to become confused with the huge amount of choice that is currently available. When choosing your stairlift, you should make sure that you choose one with a quality seat. This is especially the case if you’re going to use your stairlift a lot, as it can really make a difference to your level of comfort. Some stairlifts come with plastic seats. These plastic seats made with comfort in mind, with a shaped back and arm rests to make the chair lift incredibly comfortable to sit on. Plastic seats are also great if you want a hard wearing, durable option. The plastic can be wiped down with ease, and you don’t need to worry about it staining. Plastic seats also come in a huge range of colours, so you can always find one that matches into the existing colour scheme of your home.

Other Types of Stairlift Seats

Other stairlift seats come with a material seat, which is very comfortable to sit on. The material is very hard wearing, and you can purchase it in several colours. Material seats are not suitable for outdoor stairlifts, so this is something to consider before you make your purchase. If you want to purchase an outdoor stairlift, you should contact your local provider because they will be able to talk you through the many options they have to offer, as well as installing it for you. This is great if you have little DIY experience, and you can always rest assured knowing that your stairlift is installed safely and correctly.

Gripped Footrests

Another thing you need to think about when choosing straight stairlifts in Portsmouth is the footrest. In most cases these footrests come with a slip proof surface, so you can put your feet on without worry of them slipping off when the chair is in transit. Another great thing about slip proof footrests is that you can support yourself when getting out of the seat. This is great for those who have poor leg strength, because you don’t need to worry about your feet slipping when you’re trying to lift yourself out of the chair. Some stairlifts even come with padded armrests, making it easier than ever to remain comfortable in your own home, so whatever you choose you can always be sure to feel comfortable when using your new stairlift.