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Double glazing in Farnham comes with various designs that complement the architectural design of your home. Various materials which come in different colours and style are used. The choices are unlimited. As a home owner, this gives you an opportunity to play around with colours, materials, and various styles for your double glazing. There are three main materials used when constructing glazed windows and doors.


Its features make it the most common material;

* It does not rust

* It is easy to clean

* Easy to maintain

* Does not rot

* Its durable which is emphasised by the lengthy guarantees provided by suppliers

* Strong and sturdy therefore providing security

Most UPVC are white in colour but if you want another colour you would have to pay a higher cost. Another option is to use wood grain effect such as mahogany, oak, or Rosewood to have a traditional appearance. You need to note that these option is also a little expensive than the white UPVC.


Aluminium glazing is surrounded by a wooden exterior. They are very strong just like the UPVC. People who do not like the white plastic that is found on the UPVC prefer aluminium instead. The cost of the frames is higher when compared to ordinary white coloured UPVC frames. You can get the frames in a variety of colours, timber décor, and style. When it comes to maintenance, you need to put in some effort as they require some maintenance.


Wooden frames bring out a rustic and traditional design to the unit. Some historical or listed properties, only allow wood to be used in frames. With wood, you can use different timber together with a range of sealant, paints and primers to come up with the colour that you want. Unfortunately, wood is easily affected by extreme weather conditions.

P & P Glass offers a wide range of options to meet your needs.