Common Procedures Carried Out By An Emergency Vet in Durham

by | Sep 15, 2014 | Health & Medicine

Veterinary surgeons are important people who tend to the needs of all kinds of animals on a daily basis. This area of work is protected by the Veterinary Surgeons Act 1966, and with the job comes a lot of responsibility. Diagnosing problems, scheduling surgery, providing treatment – these are just a few things an emergency vet in Durham will be required to do. Approximately 24,000 registered veterinary surgeons work in this profession in the UK, and a large chunk of these people will maintain the skills to carry out the following common procedures.

Spaying and Neutering

These surgical procedures involve removing the reproductive organs of the animal. While it may seem quite drastic, it is in fact one of the best services you can get from an emergency vet in Durham, because it will guarantee your pet’s happiness and could even enhance the animal’s health! Within a few days, the animal will be able to do things as normal and is unlikely to experience any changes in behaviour. When you consider the fact that an un-spayed cat could produce over 781,000 kittens over the course of seven years, these services are more than worthwhile!

Dental Procedures and Cleaning

Animals can’t brush their teeth like us humans can and although their mouths are designed to clean themselves, a little bit of dental cleaning won’t go amiss. With regular cleaning services from a vet, there will be less risk of dental issues occurring. If painful lesions are causing your pet discomfort or if periodontal disease occurs, the vet will likely use general anaesthetic on the animal, before dealing with the problem. You need not worry about your pet at this time, because sedative and pain relief will be used to numb the pain.

Wound Care

Unexpected accidents or excessive itching can result in sore wounds. Unless wounds are treated, the animal may be tempted to lick them, which means that the chances of bacteria spreading and infections occurring will rise. An emergency vet in Durham will be trained to deal with all kinds of wounds, and may fit a buster collar around your pet’s neck to stop him or her from licking the affected area. Following treatment, post-op checks will be scheduled to ensure the wound is healing.

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