Deter Thieves and Improve Security with Access Control in Southampton

by | Oct 7, 2014 | Business

In today’s day and age, most people own expensive appliances that catch the eye of thieves. While the location of your property will affect how safe it is in regards to intruders and burglars, the risk is always there, proving the importance of getting access control in Southampton installed. By performing thorough research to find products before arranging for proper installation, you can record movements, monitor suspicious behaviour and get assistance from the police in the event of a problem. Aside from getting revolving doors, gates and striker locks fitted on your property, consider the following solutions.

Online Systems

Over the years, the Internet has grown in leaps and bounds, with millions of people now filling online baskets with products, using search engines to research companies, and communicating via email and social networking. Now accessible pretty much anywhere through a laptop, tablet or mobile device, the World Wide Web offers much convenience when it comes to access control in Southampton. Online systems are linked with the Internet and some devices that can be equipped with Internet access include fingerprint readers, card readers, keypads and wireless remote readers. User-friendly, the systems can be accessed on the move, which is ideal if you are away from home a lot.

Offline Systems

An offline system may otherwise be known as a stand-alone access control in Southampton. Although it can only be used to monitor and secure a limited number of entrances to a property, offline systems will work well for property owners who do not want to record movements. Monitoring movements is essential for business owners, therefore offline systems might be better for homeowners.

CCTV Systems

One of the main types of security access systems that has maintained its high status over the years is a CCTV system. These cameras can be mounted inside or outside a property, and live images can be fed through to a computer, so you will always know what is happening whether you are home or away. Some of the most common types of CCTV systems include ceiling or wall-mounted bullet systems, dome cameras, day and night cameras, wireless cameras, outdoor cameras and high-definition cameras. Many devices are designed with zoom capabilities, enabling you to get a clear image through zooming with brilliant clarity.

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