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If you are in the process of renovating your home or simply contemplating changing the windows it is a good time to give serious consideration to double glazing in Farnham.

Double glazing is a process where a window is manufactured using two glass panes rather than one, the space between the panes is filled with dry air or an inert gas, often argon or xenon. The glass panes provide an insulation layer, they are kept apart with an aluminium spacer which is coated with silicone, the entire assembly is sealed; the resulting layers of glass form an effective layer of insulation.

Although the numbers vary approximately 40 percent of the heat loss in a typical home is through the single pane windows, doubled glazing can reduce this figure considerably, by as much as 50 percent on average. These windows reduces and regulates loss from the interior and solar heat gain from the outside, this keeps your home cool in summer and warm in winter.

As well as managing the heat loss in your home, the result being a far more comfortable environment throughout the year, double glazing in Farnham offers other benefits as well, chief amongst them is energy saving. The cost of maintaining a comfortable temperature in the winter is considerably less, on average a typical homeowner can expect to save between 12 and 15 percent in fuel expenses.

Double glazing provides excellent acoustic insulation, the noise from outside will be substantially reduced. Noise pollution can be genuinely problematic for those who live near a busy road, close to a busy commercial centre or an area which is often buffeted by high winds. Double glazing not only keeps noise out, it keeps it in so you don’t have to be concerned about disturbing your neighbours.

When intruder-proof glass is fitted double glazing provides excellent security; the composition of 6.38 glass is such that it is very difficult to break.

Double glazing also reduces condensation in the home, the problem is overcome as heat tends to be reflected back into the room; the inner glass pane remains warmer, thereby reducing or eliminating troublesome condensation.

The double glazed assembly fits into a window frame, care should also be taken, a high quality frame should be chosen as the frame also has a positive impact on the overall insulation properties. Timber frames are ideal, they are easy on the eye and they have a smaller carbon footprint than other materials. Click here to know more.

Double glazing in Farnham brings with it many positive advantages for the homeowner; the installation of double glazed windows will reduce the fuel bill and add value to the home. For further information you are invited to contact P & P Glass.