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The world of work can be immensely satisfying and enjoyable when you find a great company to work for and are doing work that is fulfilling. But this is not the case for everyone. Although there is much legislation in place to govern the relationship between employer and employee, not all companies stick to the letter of the law. Nor, on the other hand, do some employees provide the amount and level of work required of them in their employment contract. And, even for those who enjoy their jobs and are working in happy environments, a downturn in the economy could suddenly place a job at risk and make the incumbent in danger of being retrenched.

When any of the above events happen, the first recourse is to look to a disciplinary and grievance procedure, which every company should have. Employers should ensure that they have had expert input in drawing up the code of procedures. Any loop-hole that wasn’t anticipated could cost them dearly. For employees, not having read the fine-print and not being aware of their legal rights could also have disastrous consequences. Too often, individuals are so happy to be offered a job that they sign on the dotted line with gusto, and regret their lack of caution at a later time. In both these situations, it would have been wise to consult employment lawyers, and there are several specialist firms in Bournemouth. Visit here to get more information.

The benefit of employment lawyers

As they deal with employment law every day, attorneys in this field are able to offer advice and put in contingency clauses that most employers would never have thought of. From an employee perspective, if there is something in an employment contract that is unfair, it will be immediately spotted, and there is a chance to negotiate with the employer to have any unfavourable clauses changed.

For employers, having a strong disciplinary and grievance procedure is also essential. Not only must the codes be in place, the Human Resource specialists in the company must understand them and know how to apply them. Many a company has lost a case when they were completely correct to dismiss a person – in this type of situation, it’s not the reason for firing that is questioned in court, it’s the failure to follow procedure. Employers in Bournemouth, and the rest of the UK, are bound by legislation passed in 2004 which stipulates a legal minimum standard of practice for dismissing a staff member. All companies have to ensure that their policies and procedures are fair and that they have communicated these fully to their employees. Be it issuing a warning to a staff member, putting someone on suspension or conducting a disciplinary hearing, the laid-out steps have to be followed and a suit could be brought against the company if it doesn’t comply. With expert input it is possible for a comprehensive policy to be drawn up which will greatly minimise the chances of employees having a legitimate grievance. The time and money saved by this can be immense.

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