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If you are using an out-dated oil boiler it is time you take a look at the new efficient oil boilers in Cardiff! You may be very pleased to see that the new oil boiler is far more efficient than the old type boilers. You will be able to save on the amount of fuel you are burning without sacrificing comfort. Everyone knows that oil heating costs are going through the roof. As oil prices climb in a bid to save on fuel costs people are lowering their thermostats and dealing with discomfort in their own homes. There is a better way to save on fuel costs than living in an ice box.

The new oil boilers are built for efficiency. If your boiler is 10 or more years old, you are likely not getting all the efficiency that you could be getting. In essence you are just burning money up.

The Range

Oil boilers are offered in a full range of efficiency options that can prove to be big savings factors. Old oil boilers have an efficiency range of about 55%-75%. The efficiency range is used to express how much fuel is burned for heating and how much is lost up the flue. The new oil boilers typically have an efficiency range of about 75% to about 90%. With old boilers you are only utilizing roughly half to three quarters of the fuel that you are purchasing. Click here to get more details.

The range of efficiency is dependent on several different factors:

* Construction

* Proper sizing

* Duct work

The quality of the construction of the oil boiler plays a vital role in how energy efficient the boiler will be. The proper sizing is important in how efficient the boiler will be for your particular home size. If the boiler is not the right size for your home, it will not be quite as efficient. Expert help from a reliable service can help you to decide on a system that will be the ideal size for your home. You also want to ensure that your duct work is in good condition. An expert installer will ensure that your duct work is suitable for your new oil boiler. With a little expert advice, you can choose one of the new efficient oil boilers and start saving!

Gastech Heating & Plumbing offers a full range of oil boilers in Cardiff that are more energy efficient than their predecessors. You can get the right advice to start saving from Gastech.