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People with mobility issues are further classified according to the specific mobility challenge they face. The solution lies in getting a specific stairlift that help them overcome their challenge. People whose knees and hips cannot bend need a straight or perched while people who are able to sit can purchase stairlifts which they can sit on. The market is full of stairlifts but people with mobility problems need to be very specific about the stairlift they purchase according to their specific need.

What should a person looking for a stairlift look for?

Warranties – To get a credible stairlift in Exeter, take time to find out how long the company has been running, whether it offers warranties for their products, and the companies it works with. Make sure you find out if the warranty can be extended and by how long.

 * The market – There are many credible companies manufacturing stairlifts but you need to circle in on the right one to get a stairlift that fits your needs. Talk to your friends and relatives to give you leads on credible stairlifts dealers. Choose a number of companies and reach out to them through their sales reps. Ask the sales rep any question you have about their products. The more information you get, the better you will be able to make a decision on the right stairlift.

 * Do you want a straight or curved stairlift? – Straight stairlifts are good for stairs without half-landings or without ends. If your stairway has corners, bends or half-landings then install a curved stairlift.

 * Sales rep – After you identify the right company and make contact with them, they will get back to you after a short time. Make sure you have someone with you when they come to your home to measure your staircase.

Our sales reps are always ready to answer any question. Contact us and we will assist you where you need and will provide a quote within a short time. You can trust A2B Stairlifts Ltd to supply and install you with genuine stairlifts from credible manufacturers.