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A building is made up of the walls, floor and the roof and each part has a role to play. If any of the parts is not well constructed, no matter how good the rest of the parts are constructed, you will experience structural problems once in a while. Let us say the roof is not well constructed, the building may have drainage problems which could lead to problems with the walls or floors if the water leaks. There are two main options for a roof; the flat and the slanted roof. Many contractors advise commercial property owners to install flat roofs in Nottingham. Here is why;

* Employees can enjoy the weather outside if it is nice during breaks. On a slanting roof, the employees may slip and fall.

* Who wants to deal with drainage issues? No one. A flat root is slightly lifted or slanting and this enables water to drain off quickly and easily during rainy seasons.

* A commercial building needs every space and any fixture that wastes space is considered a loss. Flat roofs do not need beams to hold it unlike other roofs so it saves on the space. Where beams are set up, the area cannot be used for anything; it becomes useless.

* When buying a commercial property with a flat roof, the price is lower than for a slanting roof. This is because the flat roofs are easy to construct and they require smaller quantity of materials compared to slanting roofs.

A commercial property owner wants to enjoy as much profits as possible. The roof saves on money required for construction. Talk to our experienced flat roof contractors to help determine if a flat roof is right for your needs. We at W R Leivers are happy to install and maintain your flat roofs in Nottingham.