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Food Technology is taught in Secondary schools across the UK. It is a subject which is enjoyed by many pupils and plays an important role in developing students’ life skills. Due to the practical nature of this subject, only fully qualified teachers who hold QTS in Food Technology can be offered Food Technology teacher jobs.

Gaining experience whilst working as a Food Technology Teacher
For Food Technology teachers who are looking to gain more experience, supply work either on a long term or short term basis may be the answer. Supply teaching in your subject is fun, rewarding and well paid and will give you a vast amount of experience of working in lots of different schools in a relatively short period of time. This can assist you when making decisions about the type of school and area that you would like to work in. You will be presented with many opportunities to travel to different schools in your area (or further afield, should you wish), gain on-going training, and further qualifications, which could make finding jobs much simpler in the future.

Variety is the Spice of Life
A personal attribute that you simply must have if you are looking to work as a Food Technology teacher on a supply basis is flexibility. Being able to work at short notice and travel to different locations in a certain amount of time will prove that you are devoted to the job. A varied routine means you won’t get bored easy, and you can feel satisfied in the knowledge that you are giving support to students while their teacher is away.

Enjoy Varied Work Duties
Unlike permanent Food Technology teacher jobs based in one school, supply Food Technology teachers can get stuck into a wide range of jobs. From supervising children to preparing lessons, there is much to be learnt. Some common work duties include:

*Following course outlines, syllabus and schemes of work
*Teaching allocated classes and provide a well planned, challenging and purposeful learning environment for pupils
*Contributing to the work of the Technology department
*Promoting and managing positive student behaviour
*Supporting students with SEN

Regardless of what duties you end up doing as a supply Food Technology teacher, you will have the privilege of helping students achieve goals and make rewarding career decisions for the future.

Not sure where to look for food technology teacher jobs in your area? Call the ABC Teachers team on 0800 030 4014 to find out more about the recruitment requirements for schools around the United Kingdom.