How To Choose A Caravan For Sale In Ashford

by | Jul 3, 2023 | Automotive

Before you decide to find a caravan for sale in Ashford, there’s a few other things that you need to consider before buying the trailer, such as the towing vehicle, the size of trailer and much more. While it can be exciting to jump right in and start looking, you may find that you get the wrong one or that what you choose isn’t the best for your needs. Instead of rushing, take your time and find something that you’ll like for a long time.


If you already have a vehicle you are planning to use to tow the trailer, you’ll want to ensure that the caravan can be safely pulled using what you have. To do this, you can find out the kerb weight of the vehicle, divide that number by 100 and then multiply the number by 85. This is the 85 percent recommendation number so you know the maximum weight you can tow.


In the UK, caravans towed by cars can be 2.55 metres wide and seven metres long. While this may not seem exceptionally long or big, it can still be difficult to drive with one, as it can be buffeted by the wind, so a smaller version may be a better choice, and then you can upgrade when you have the extra money and experience.


It’s important to consider the storage of the ‘van when you aren’t on holiday, and many can fit in a regular garage. These are known as pop-tops or folding caravans, and they can be more fuel efficient. Otherwise, you may need to pay for storage facilities when it’s not in use.

NCC Approval

Caravans for sale in Ashford should have the NCC approval badge, which shows that it has been certified, and everything is correct. While some continental versions won’t be NCC approved, it won’t necessarily be a problem if you ensure that it is roadworthy, according to UK regulations.

Sleeping Arrangements

When considering a caravan, you’ll want to ensure everyone can comfortably and safely sleep in it at night. There are many luxurious two-berth options with excellent wash-rooms and kitchens though you may prefer to use facilities at the camp-site and have more berths.


You will need to have the proper insurance on the vehicle and the trailer, which can cost you additional charges. However, it is important that you are covered in case of an accident.

A caravan for sale in Ashford can make the perfect holiday getaway, but it’s important to search out the right one. Visit Canterbury Caravans Sales today to find out what they have to offer.

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