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We’ve all been there: you need help with some kind of legal trouble, but the firm you hire just isn’t up to snuff. Whether through negligence or just good old fashioned incompetence, your solicitor has failed to meet your standards. But how to complain? If you were unhappy with your solicitors firm in Central London, and you want to file a civil complaint, here are the options you have to go about doing so.

#1. Contact the Soliciting firm directly

Rarely will you find a soliciting firm where only one guy works there. Besides accountants doing the work that the solicitor will probably be too busy to do himself, there will probably be other solicitors working there who would be very interested to hear your performance report on their coworker. It’s required of all soliciting agencies to have procedures for handling complaints, and seeing that those complaints are confronted and seen to as soon as possible. Firms are required by law to respond to your complaint within 8 weeks, otherwise they open themselves up to a whole new problem.

#2. Send your complaint to the Ombudsman

While the above option will often be the end of the issue, if the problem you had with the firm isn’t resolved as quickly or as efficiently as you’d like, there is an option to go over the firm’s head. It’s known as the office of the legal ombudsman. Their job is to make sure all soliciting firms are doing their jobs right and, in the event of a complaint made to their office, investigate the complaint and try to solve the problem to the best of their abilities. The only barrier is that you have only 6 months to file this complaint, and no more than that. Resolutions to these disputes that ombudsmen will try to find include returning important documents, repaying lost funds, and finishing incomplete work for you. However, if you aren’t happy with the final decision reached by the ombudsman, you have the right to refuse to accept it. However, you are now left with only one safety net.

#3. Go through the courts

You now are left with one option, the courts. They can attempt to work out a resolution with you and the firm. If you don’t like the conclusion, sorry to say that you don’t really have much choice anymore. Thankfully, it’s unlikely that your case will complicate itself to this degree.

A soliciting firm bungling up your case to this degree is incredibly unlikely, as there are few things a phone call to the firm shouldn’t be able to fix. Work with your solicitor and things should generally work out, but rest easy knowing that even if they don’t, you have a safety net. Visit site for more information.