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A garage door should be functional and provide ways of making its operation easier. One way of ensuring the functionality is to convert a manual door to an electric one. In as much as many homeowners would like to convert their garage doors, they do not know whether their doors qualify for the conversion or not. The fact is; not all doors can be converted from manual to electric garage doors. There are three main factors to consider before the conversion.

The Current Condition of your Garage Door

Doors that do not rub on the floor or their frame when moving and those that move freely and easily are candidates for the conversion. A garage door expert can rejuvenate stiff and wobbly garage doors for them to qualify for conversion. There is no limitation to the doors that can be converted as there are strategies to deal with every type of door. One strategy is to change the mechanism of doors that owners do not wish to change. Another strategy is to add a motor as a way of motorizing garage doors in poor conditions.

Design of the Garage Door

All roller and sectional manual garage doors can be converted to automatic doors. As for up and over doors; it depends on whether the door has tracks that run vertically, horizontally, has a canopy door, or a retractable door. Canopy doors need to be motorized if it runs smoothly or if it is modern. Retractable garage doors can also be motorized even if they are old.

Is your Garage Ready for Conversion?

For a garage door to be converted, the garage must have power. The physical conditions therein should allow for the motor to move freely without affecting the reliability. You can now say goodbye to inconvenient garage doors in South Wales; you do not have to leave your car to open your garage door again! Contact us for more details on garage doors in South Wales.