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A well maintained double glazed window offers you value for money as it lasts for long. UPVC windows are affected by traffic fumes, general wear and tear and changes in weather. To protect your UPVC windows in Edinburgh against such negative effects, you need to be deliberate about taking care of the windows. Here is how you can take care of them;

* Clean the UPVC regularly and properly. UPVC windows that are not cleaned on a regular basis develop a discoloration and the hinges, sealants and moving parts are exposed to damages. Make sure you use the correct cleaning agents so that you do not damage the window. Before you buy a cleaning agent, check its suitability to use on UPVC, timber or glass. Note that using too much liquid to wash the windows can damage the sealants. Windows are fragile so you need to use a gentle method when cleaning them. Some people vacuum the windows to remove dust while others use soft cloth to clean. Avoid using abrasives as they can damage the windows by causing scratches. Remember to lubricate the hinges to make sure your windows can open without difficulty. Schedule a time for cleaning the windows so that dirt does not accumulate.

* Protect your window against condensation and dampness. Dampness and condensation can lead to the growth of mould on the window frames or the window sealants. Make sure you aerate rooms which have a high level of humidity like the kitchen and bathroom.

* Do not hesitate to call an expert to help you clean if the window is too high or you do not know how to clean it. The cleaning experts are there to help so why not contact them when you are in need? They will be happy to help you and they will leave your windows in perfect condition.

We advise our clients to open their UPVC windows to see if they are operating well. If they are sticking, that is a sign of a problem. Contact our team at Windows Advice Centre for all of your window needs.