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Chairlifts have become very popular in Guildford for those whose mobility is impaired, either through age or disability. Having a chairlift installed can be quick and relatively inexpensive depending on the shape of the staircase and the space available. There are basic models and also customised chairs depending on the need of the individual.

Different types of chairlifts

All chairlifts run on rails that are attached to the steps of the staircase. The most common type of chairlift would be where the rails are a straight track. There would probably be no time delay in getting a straight-rail chairlift installed as the supplier would simply need to cut existing rails to size. This would also be the most cost-effective option.

Curved staircases offer more of a challenge as drawings and measurements would be required to ensure that the rails are manufactured to fit exactly with the design of the steps. In some cases, a home is on more than one floor and a continuous ride from bottom to top is required. These rails would then have hinges that would allow certain parts to be folded away when not in use, so as not to obstruct others from moving about the house. The design of the chair also needs to be modified when the staircase is curved as it needs to remain level at all times, even when a rail changes angle or direction. This would mean some additional expense and having a time delay before installation to allow the specific manufacture of the customised rails. You can click here to get more details.

Included in the types of chairlifts available in Guildford would be the wheelchair platforms. These generally need to be sturdier than the normal chairlift and would require more space. It might also need to have flaps that would fold down as a ramp and allow the wheelchair to access the platform. The flaps would then be folded up to ensure that the wheelchair is secured on the platform.
The mechanics of a chairlift

All chairlifts work off an electric motor. When activated, the chair is pulled on a wire or chain along the rails on a series of rollers. The ride is remarkable smooth and almost all have a ‘soft’ start and stop function to ensure that the user is not shaken in the seat.

There are suppliers in Guildford that can be contacted for a consultation regarding these chairlifts. It is recommended to choose a local partner as anything that goes wrong with the chairlift will usually require immediate attention. For this reason, it’s also advisable to choose a business that can be contacted at any hour of the day and on any day of the year.

Bentley Mobility has many years of experience in providing chairlifts in Guildford. Visit them online for more information.