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Regular fire alarm servicing is an indication of your commitment and care to the welfare and safety of your customers and staff for your business premises. Fire alarm servicing protects against catastrophic damages which can be caused by fire. All of your fire alarm systems should undergo regular servicing according to the results of the fire risk assessment which should be carried out according to the law. It is advisable to have a professional security company provide you with their services for a fire risk assessment.

Fire Alarm Servicing Ensures Protection Against Losses

Residential and non-residential fire causes damages which at times include loss of life. The fire alarm systems in non-residential premises are usually more complex because they cover larger areas. Due to the complexity of the systems, make sure you hire a qualified company to service the system. A good company focuses on quality work, understands the industry’s requirements and has experience dealing with fire alarm systems. The company will therefore be able to identify anything that needs repair or replacement in the system to ensure the system is functional.

Keep Your Fire Alarm System Functional

Fire alarms in Cardiff are mechanical and electronic systems that undergo wear and tear as time passes. Some of the common issues include battery failure, wire faults, water damages, circuit board malfunctions amongst other issues. These issues hinder the effectiveness of the system and it fails to be beneficial. Fire alarm specialists can ensure that your system is running properly with repair, maintenance and even installation services. According to the law, only certified, qualified and professional fire alarm companies should carry out the servicing. A faulty fire alarm is of no use to anyone. As a BAFE certified and approved company and NSI fire Gold recognized, Dragon Fire & Security Systems understands the importance of a functional fire system and can provide you with the services you require.