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Long gone are the days when you could leave your home unlocked, and businesses operated with an entirely open-door policy. Nowadays, you need to have the peace of mind of knowing that your home is fully protected in order to sleep soundly. For a small business where stock is displayed, protecting your inventory is vitally important if you are to remain profitable. In short, access control in Salisbury allows you to restrict entry to any building against those who might do you harm – it protects your family and the assets of your business, and that’s surely something worth investing in.

How does access control work?

Before the age of computers, access control was usually achieved by having a human guard. Dogs were also effective in deterring unwanted intruders. Locks and keys have long been a form of denying people access. Technology has now allowed electronic access, and a variety of sophisticated methods can be programmed into a system. For example, an access control system may allow employees into a building during certain times of the day only. Entrance would be enabled or barred based on a variety of possible tools or credentials. In most businesses, staff members are issued ID documents that have bar-coded access. To enter an area, they would need to swipe their cards against a lock or access pad. Some companies allow only limited access to employees – they are able to move within a building according to the needs of their job descriptions, but would be barred from other areas to further heighten security. You can click here to get more details.

There are other forms of access recognition available. Some homes and companies use password-protected or PIN access. More commonly used these days are various biometric measurements, such as fingerprints, which are proving very effective.

Choosing an access control company in Salisbury to work with

If you are considering installing an access control system in your Salisbury home or office, you will already have given serious consideration to your safety and security. As a result, it will be essential to consult with a professional firm that specialises in access control systems and will be able to advise you on the best way to protect your home or business. It may be that you require a digitally coded lock or a magnetic door release system, and that this should suffice to keep intruders out. Cards and tags would be necessary for any business that wants to protect its stock and employees. For many homes and for small businesses, a voice and video entry phone is extremely effective. You are able to see and speak to the person wanting to gain access and can use a push button to allow entry once you are convinced the person should be allowed in.

To discuss a system for access control in Salisbury for your home or business, contact Bridger Alarms today. They are conveniently located in Salisbury. Call them for professional advice and a free quotation.