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Do you have a Xero account? Xero desires to increase the security of all their Xero accounts and is therefore making Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) mandatory for all Xero account holders by 10th July. This move ensures that your Xero account has the best possible protection. Use this link which informs you how to set up your Xero account to protect it from unauthorized use: How to setup MFA. It is important to note that you must have a smart device, either a smartphone or a tablet, that can accept an authentication app. If you do not possess a smartphone or a tablet, you can utilize Authy or WinAuth. These apps permit an access code to be sent directly to your computer instead of your mobile device. You can find the directions to set up these apps in the link indicated above.

The setup of Multi Factor Authentication makes your Xero account more secure. You want to keep your Xero account safe from hackers trying to steal your information. Using Multi Factor Authentication that uses a different access code ensures a high level of security.

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