Key Questions to Ask before Renting a Wedding Venue

by | Nov 27, 2017 | Business

There are many stressful parts to planning a wedding. It’s the least fun part of the process of getting married itself, assuming your guests can handle their champagne come the reception. So many things can go wrong, every detail can put you in lifelong debt if you aren’t careful, and of course, picking out a good venue can be especially stressful. If you are having trouble finding a good wedding venue in Bedfordshire, here are some of the key questions to ask to help keep things under control, and make this part of the planning go smoothly.

#1. How many hours are in the rental?

Typically, your wedding will last around three hours: two for load-in, one for load-out. So, on top of that, you want to ensure that the remaining hours are enough for the rest of the event and reception. The average length of that is around five hours, so make sure that the venue you’re looking at includes an 8-hour rental period, two for load-in, one for load-out, and five for event and reception.

#2. What’s the electrical setup?

Ask for an overview of the outlets in the building, how many there are, and how many are currently in use. You should also look over the ones in the area where you plan to have the ceremony and the reception. This is not something you want to deal with on the day of the wedding, so be sure to get this squared away as soon as you can.

#3. What equipment does the venue already provide?

Some wedding venues offer chairs, tables, A/V, and lighting equipment as a bonus to renting their venue. Now, if they say yes, request to see these chairs and judge them for yourself. These chairs are used quite often, so there’s a chance that they may not be in the best of shape. If they are not, let them know that you will be bringing your own tables and chair.

Wedding venues can be a tricky bunch. Like with the rest of the planning process there is a lot that can go wrong if not met with deftness and experience (one of the reasons wedding planners are so prevalent). However, when it comes to picking out a venue, remembering these questions and asking them to every venue owner you meet with can save you days of trouble.

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