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If you are a homeowner and are seriously considering having UPVC windows in Lymington installed – but you’re not convinced that you can afford double glazing. You’ve heard that double glazing is excellent from a thermal insulation perspective, but feel that the increased cost will not justify the extra comfort in your home. The more you think, the more you’re convinced that you can just crank up the heat a little more, and single glazing will be just as effective. This is when you need to conduct a little more research.

Why is double glazing so desirable?

Windows are literally your opening to the world. In years gone by, many homes kept windows small as they were such a source of heat loss. Single glazing is an excellent heat conductor – warmth in summer passes easily through a single pane of glass into your home, and your expensively produced heat in winter travels rapidly through these windows and warms the air outside around your home. These days, people want to increase glass in their homes. Even whole walls are constructed of glass and many conservatories are almost completely glassed in. Glass allows for a flood of light and it helps to bring the outside inside. It’s because of this that climate control becomes important, as the greater amount of single paned windows in a home, the higher the heating bills. This is not the case with double glazing, which can reduce your heating bills quite dramatically, and can increase your comfort levels throughout the year.

How does double glazing work?

The secret to double glazing is the layer of inert gas that is found between the two layers of glass. When double glazed UPVC windows are manufactured and installed in your Lymington home, they will be very well sealed to ensure that this gas doesn’t escape. This will also reduce any drafts that may enter your home. The gas in these windows helps to ensure that heat is retained in your home because it doesn’t conduct heat in the way that glass does.

The advantages of this are several. Homes stay cooler in summer and much warmer in winter, and the comfort levels are just as important as the decreased energy bills. The irritation of having constant condensation on your windows during winter is largely reduced. When a home is heated and the air outside is very cold, drops of water form on the single paned glass of your windows. At this point one of two things happens – the water drips into your home or freezes, causing reduced visibility and bringing winter right into your house. With a double-glazed window, the inside pane is much warmer than the outside air, and thus this problem is largely eliminated. In addition, double glazed windows improve sound insulation to a very large extent. You can visit here for more information.

What you should look out for with double glazing

You need to ensure that your double glazed windows have been manufactured to a high standard. The spacing between the windows can be increased or decreased depending on your needs, and the windows need to be very well sealed. You can select the UPVC frames and design you desire based on the architecture of your home.

The benefits of UPVC windows in Lymington are numerous, and will increase the value of your home. Contact the ABCO Windows branch in Lymington to discuss the installation of these windows.