One of the most common challenges that you face as a pilot is how to build your flight time. To build your flying experience in Exeter, you need to build the following flight times;

* Instrument flight time

* Total flight time

* Turbine time

* Pilot in command flight time

* Cross country flight time

* Multi-engine flight time.

The reason why building flight time is challenging is because flying is expensive and you need to pay every time you fly a plane alone. Some of the cost involved cannot be fully eliminated but the following tips can help you reduce the cost incurred when increasing the flight time.

* Volunteering in an NGO – There are organizations which give back to the society and are always looking for people to volunteer in different capacities. As long as you are qualified to fly an aircraft, they would be so happy to have you in their organisation on voluntary services. What a great way to increase your flying experience in Exeter as you give back to the society?

* Co-sharing rental cost with a co-pilot – The federal Aviation Regulation has set some guidelines on times when you can have two pilots co-piloting at the same time. You need to know when and how to do it so that it does not become illegal.

* Working as an instructor – As you train others on flying, you increase your knowledge and flying experience. Remember that the students are relying on you so give them the best and do not be afraid to consult your seniors in case you are not sure about something.

* Look for a low-time pilot job – These jobs are not easy to come by but you can get such a job. Talk to people and visit and apply in places where they are in need of such pilots.

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