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Ever wonder what you should do with that old, dusty, torn up furniture? Do you throw out your favourite piece just because it’s no good anymore? It doesn’t have to be this way! With services for re-upholstery in Edinburgh, you can turn your drab furniture into beautiful furniture that looks as good as new. The best part of all is that you can choose the colour and style of the new fabric, so you can recover it to fit in with the décor theme of the furniture that is already in your home.

How is it Done

The process is simple, but the results are out of this world. The process begins simply with you! You choose the colours, patterns, and materials from a wide range of options. These options include the fabric itself, cushion styles, inner stuffing options, and more. Once the selections have been made the person you hire will break the piece down and put it back together, while restoring anything of the inner components that may be broken or damaged.

What if The Piece is an Antique?

The re- upholstery of an antique comes in many steps. The first step is to find patterns, colours, and materials that will match the time period in which the furniture was made in. The second step is to fix or replace any springs and webbing or interwoven bands that have been broken to offer a more sturdy and comfortable sitting surface.

A lot of people value the craftsmanship of older furniture, but in time the fabric tends to wear and makes the whole piece look outdated. Re-upholstering your sofa, chairs and other upholstered pieces will let you keep those well-made furnishings without having to sacrifice style! In most cases the work will be quite affordable as well compared to buying new furniture, so your efforts will be well worth it.

Nu‐Rest Re‐upholstery provides furniture re-upholstery and recovering services to commercial and residential customer in Edinburgh, UK and surrounding areas.