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With coastal erosion becoming one of the more serious issues for homeowners, one of the most important measures they can take to at partially protect their homes is basement waterproofing. Eastbourne, Bournemouth, Isle of Wight, Southampton, Portsmouth, Brighton and many other coastal towns and cities are eventually going to be endangered if the coasts continue to erode. Now, we have been aware of this phenomenon for thousands of years and we know that the world today looks nothing like it did one thousand years ago. However, because it is constantly changing we know it will look nothing like it does today in one thousand years’ time.

Maybe by those days it won’t matter if homes are destroyed as they fall into the sea, but today, it does matter. Coastal towns tend to get a good old bashing from the sea sometimes, during particularly bad storms. Many a time the piers of some of the coastal towns have been lost, destroy or at best, partially damage by heavy waves and flooding sea water.

What is Waterproofing?

Water proofing doesn’t exactly waterproof your home completely, but what it does do is treat the walls and floor of the basement so that if water does escape inside it will not cause too much damage. Normally a water-resistant barrier is applied to the walls and this can be in the form of heavy plastic barriers to protect the walls, followed by a water resistant paint which contains tarmac or pitch. The water that is likely to enter your home would more likely be flood water from an exterior source. However it is also highly possible that an interior pipe could burst and that could see water cascading down your walls from the attic, right down to the basement if you are not careful. Checking your water pipes regularly is vital, as in making sure they are properly insulated. Also, your water tanks should lagged with strong insulation. Your home should protected in much the same way as you would protect the hull of a boat if you owned one. You don’t want to haul your rig out into the ocean to find that within five minutes you are baling water, so protect your home in the same way.

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