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Installing new flooring is a big undertaking and it is a decision that should not be made without careful consideration. One very popular option among homeowners is oak flooring. If you are considering oak flooring, Exeter has plenty of get sources for quality wood flooring to choose from.

Why is oak so popular?

Here are four key reasons that influence its current and growing popularity:

Character – Oak has long been regarded for its character and colorations; its grain pattern is also fairly unique among the woods commonly used in home constructions and décor. Much of the character of oak panels comes from the knots, streaks, and other natural patterns and features these usually display.

Versatility – Oak is also popular among homeowners because it provides a very traditional, timeless look. Because of this, oak is a wood that fits into a wide range of décor styles and works with just about anything from modern to classic. It’s difficult to have a décor or room design that is not complimented by oak.

Abnormalities – Oak is known for dark and bold grain patters and texture that is not seen in other wood options. This helps oak wood panels mask abnormalities and defects like scuffs, scratches and nicks easier than other softer wood varieties will. This makes it great for high traffic areas or homes with kids and pets.

Added Home Value – Oak is popular because most homeowners want to make upgrades to their homes that help improve their home’s appeal and resale value and time and time again oak is a popular go-to wood choice. Why oak? Because it is popular and many people look for it when searching for their dream home.

If you are considering oak flooring, Exeter has the go-to place you are looking for. Call Blamphayne Sawmills today to learn more about the power and appeal of oak!