Packing Tips to Use When Preparing for Business & Commercial Removals Leicestershire

by | Jul 25, 2014 | Business Support

If you have started counting down the days until the big move, it’s important to stay on top of the packing process to avoid getting flustered when moving day rolls round. Numerous businesses around the United Kingdom offer business & commercial removals in Leicestershire, so why not invest and reduce stress? The majority of companies offering these services will package, load and transport belongings for you, but to make the process easier, you may want to do some of the packing yourself. Here are some tips to keep furniture, electrical equipment and other appliances free from damage.

Packing Accessories

First things first, make sure you have the appropriate tools for business & commercial removals in Leicestershire. Items should be packaged in specific ways, depending on how fragile they are. Bubble wrap, tape, newspaper, cardboard boxes and plastic covers will most definitely come in handy. Labels are a necessity, as they can be used to clarify what is in each box, so that the mover is able to handle the box with the utmost care. Want to save room and prevent mildew/moisture problems? Consider using a vacuum storage system, which will remove the air from packaging.

Furniture and Appliances

It’s a good idea to take furniture apart before shielding with plastic sheets and loading onto a moving van, as this will reduce the chances of damage, and will save room. Also, don’t forget to remove the contents of wardrobes and drawers to protect furniture structure. During business & commercial removals in Leicestershire, some items may lose their freshness, such as white goods and freezers. Prevent this by drying and cleaning before the moving process begins. Flat-pack cartons and bubble wrap are ideal packing materials for paintings, mirrors and other household objects with sharp edges.

Electrical Equipment

Aside from glassware and antiques, electrical equipment should be handled with the most care when business & commercial removals in Leicestershire takes place. Repack televisions, stereos, computers and other electrical items in their original boxes if possible, as these boxes are built to withstand force and fit snugly around the appliance. If you cannot do this, protect them with bubble wrap, before putting inside sealed boxes. Batteries should be removed from battery-operated appliances to prevent leaking, and mowers or oil-powered machinery must be drained completely.

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