Proper Vehicle Care is More Than MOT

by | Oct 17, 2017 | Wheels & Tyres

Something for all car owners to consider is the fact that having your vehicle serviced is not the same as having a simple MOT performed. More often than not a routine MOT is only going to flag issues that are already present, and will not successfully pinpoint any potential future issues. As far as MOT goes it is only testing to determine if your vehicle is safe enough to be driven on the roads, by taking your care for a proper servicing you are able to identify any potential issues before they become major ones. Although most people forego proper maintenance thinking it will save them money, it can actually end up costing you more money in the long run.

Car Maintenance is all in the Details

Proper car servicing includes checking out all the tiny details of your vehicle that most people overlook on a day to day basis. Auto professionals know how important these tiny details are in regard to the proper function of your vehicle. For example, adequate tyre pressure insures that your vehicles handling is smooth, and helps to prevent wear and tear on the tire’s tread. This is something that car owners can learn, and even implement at home in between service visits to their preferred reputable garage.

Finding Dealership Services at Independent Garage Prices

Receiving proper car care doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to make a costly visit to a mechanic at a dealership. Many independent garages offer their expert services to a variety of different vehicles like Audi, Seat, and Volkswagen at a fraction of the price with the same amount of expertise. If you are looking for Seat car servicing in Paignton, consider the professionals at Monnington Motors. Their knowledgeable and friendly staff have what it takes to ensure your vehicle remains in pristine condition for as long as possible. Visit site for more details.

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