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Finding the perfect holiday lodging depends a lot on what your needs are. If you want to escape the hectic pace of city life, you should consider a nice bed and breakfast in a rural area. If a UK holiday appeals to you, consider lodgings such as a Herefordshire bed and breakfast so you can enjoy country living at its finest.

Good Reasons to Choose a Bed & Breakfast

There are many good reasons to stay at a Herefordshire bed and breakfast. Many of these types of accommodations have all the conveniences of modern living such as high-speed Internet or Wi-Fi. Some additional features that make these lodgings an attractive option include:

* The personal touch: No five-star hotel can compare with a good bed and breakfast for personal service. Many B&Bs are managed by the owners, who in some cases also live at or near to the property. They make it their business to ensure that their guests feel right at home. In most settings, guests can get acquainted with one another, as they can share meals or sit and chat in the living room or take walks together.
* Small size: The smaller, more intimate setting appeals to people who want a holiday that is more like home. With a good B&B, the setting is more homely and comfortable unlike the more clinical sameness and feel of some large hotels.
* Cost: While a few B&Bs are more expensive than some hotels, generally they are the cheaper option.
* Breakfast: This is one of the high points of a good bed and breakfast. Many English B&Bs offer their guests, delicious traditional English breakfasts to start their day.

Hotels are sometimes seen as the automatic choice for people who are going on holiday, but if escaping everyday life for some peace and quiet is what you crave, you should consider staying at a Herefordshire bed and breakfast. The unique nature of many of these locations will help make your holiday memorable. In some cases, a building that has been in a family for generations not only has a unique architecture, it also has a rich history.

When you want a place where you can relax, a Hereford Bed and Breakfast is worth considering. Sinkgreen Farm Guesthouse & B&B is one such place where you will be able to enjoy the clean crisp air of the country while you unwind.