Regular roof inspections save you money

by | Mar 15, 2016 | Roofing

You know that your roof needs maintenance and you’re aware that it hasn’t been inspected for several years. Rather than calling in a roofing contractor for your Bristol home, you get out a ladder and decide to take a look yourself. A cursory glance tells you that things seem fine, and that’s the extent of your effort for the next couple of years! While the initiative to actually go up onto the roof is a good one, it’s only a very preliminary first step. All you would be likely to see would be whether your gutters were blocked with debris or whether there was an obviously damaged or loose tile. Expert roof inspectors will give you a far more thorough examination and this inspection could ultimately save you a lot of money. Visit here for more information.

Thorough roof inspections

The most important factor of any roof is its waterproofing. All roofs have a membrane that protects against water. This membrane has a lifespan but it’s far more likely to fail if it’s exposed to UV rays or other weather such as snow and ice. Tiles and roof coverings such as bitumen and rubber cover and protect the membrane, but if these fail, so will your membrane. It may start with tiny blisters that will only be discovered when conducting a thorough inspection of your roof. These blisters will be exacerbated by weather and can develop into cracks. Water has a habit of finding small holes and cracks and will start to settle there. If water freezes, the crack enlarges and, before you know it, you have a serious leak. Of course, you might not know about this leak until several months have passed because the water still needs to find its way through the brickwork or into the ceiling. By the time you see the tell-tale patch of damp or mould, you can be assured that the damage is no longer small.

What to look out for to know that your Bristol property needs a roofing contractor

Obviously, if you can see that your roof is starting to sag, you will know that there is a problem. However, even a faded roof is showing signs of wear and tear and should signal to you that some maintenance is required. If your ceiling starts to sag it’s usually a clear sign that there is some water damage. If you hear the sounds of dripping in the ceiling or noises coming from inside your roof, you should again be alerted to the fact that repairs are needed. Animals can burrow through your flashings and make their homes in your ceiling. Not only is this a health hazard, but they have also created an opening in your roof which means that your home is no longer watertight. Of course, if you can see that gutters or fascia boards are loose, it’s clear that you need to call in a roofing contractor.

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