Safety Alarms for Seniors May Provide Your Parents with Independence

by | May 14, 2015 | Health & Medicine

Do you have a parent that is unsteady on their feet or prone to falls? Maybe they suffer from diseases such as diabetes or heart problems that require them to need more care. We never want to see your loved ones institutionalized in a home for the elderly. With the help of safety alarms for seniors, you can provide them with the means to retain their independence in the comfort of their own home, while being reassured of their safety if an accident should occur. You can rest easy knowing they will be able to contact help if they require it.

Feel Reassured with Safety Alarms for Seniors

With safety alarms for seniors, you can feel reassured they will receive the care they need if they should happen to fall. When your parent has a medical emergency they need only press a button on a pendant or wristband they are wearing to call for help. Once the alarm is activated the system will begin to call the preprogrammed numbers until they reach someone, enabling seniors to communicate through a two-way base unit. Knowing your loved one can call for help will give you peace of mind when they are home alone.

Find a Safety Alarm for Seniors that Is Reliable and Affordable

When searching for a safety alarm for seniors do not hesitate to do some research to find the product right for your loved one. Find an alarm that is reliable and affordable for your family. SureSafe provides alarms that are both reliable and affordable. With a one-off payment only, there is no need for a monthly or installation fee, and their alarms are easy to set up. SureSafe alarms are water-resistant so seniors may even wear them in the shower so they can place an emergency call in case they happen to slip and fall. Also, the base unit of the alarm is backed up by batteries (not provided) to ensure loved ones are still able to call for help, even if there is a power outage.

Do Not Put Your Parents Life in Jeopardy View SureSafe Products

When a medical emergency happens reaction times are vital. It can be heartbreaking to think that if your loved one fell they may be laying on the ground for hours, or even days. With SureSafe Alarms, you receive the reassurance your loved one will be able to contact you, a friend, or a family member as soon as possible.

Safety alarms for seniors can provide your parent with the independence and security they need. Contact SureSafe today to find an alarm that is perfect for your loved one.

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