Save Money on Bills and Improve Food Hygiene by Maintaining Fridge Freezers in Birkenhead

by | Oct 10, 2014 | Home & Garden

Every homeowner who plans on preparing meals will own fridge freezers in Birkenhead. An essential kitchen appliance, a refrigerator with built-in freezer can be used to store ingredients and maintain freshness. Storage times will depend on the type of food being refrigerated and the style of fridge freezer you buy, whether it is an American-style, free-standing or integrated appliance. To stop germs from contaminating raw food and to prevent your energy bills from creeping up, there are some simple maintenance tips to take into account.

Positioning the Appliance Properly

It may seem like an obvious thing to do ahead of buying fridge freezers in Birkenhead, but many people forget to measure their kitchens and are left struggling to find a position for the appliance! Take all height and width measurements before making a purchase, and make sure the appliance will not be situated close to any heat sources, as this could affect its performance. Air must be able to circulate freely for the fridge freezer to maintain a good temperature, therefore it’s best to position it away from cookers and radiators.

Defrosting for Energy Efficiency

Defrosting fridge freezers in Birkenhead is a chore that most people don’t want to deal with, but it is essential for optimum performance. You could slash your energy bills and increase the capacity of the appliance if you take the time to defrost it a couple of times per month. The coldest area of the fridge freezer should not be higher than five degrees Celsius, and the main part should not fall below 18. All appliances will be designed with a temperature dial, which you can adjust to suit your needs based on the type of food you will be storing.

Basic Fridge Etiquette

The way in which you arrange the contents will affect how fridge freezers in Birkenhead work. More energy will be used to keep over-stocked fridges cool, so refrain from filling it too much. Keep dry foods at the top and wet foods covered at the bottom. To prevent leakages and food particles from causing a stench, use an all-purpose cleaner to disinfect the internal and external surfaces. Instead of buying commercial cleaners that are crammed with chemicals, make your own with a mixture of warm water and bicarbonate of soda. Add a splash of lemon juice to the mixture for a citrus fresh burst.

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