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In the beautiful area of North Wales, fencing is required as much to keep intruders out as to keep livestock in. When most people think of fencing it’s of demarcation or protection, but there are also many ornamental uses as well. For example, picket fencing around a garden or a trellis that supports a climbing rose are examples of how structures can be used to beautify an environment.

If you’re overlooked by neighbours, fencing is your best form of creating privacy. For these situations, most people prefer the aesthetic of wooden walls as opposed to concrete. Wooden fences can be constructed of horizontal or vertical boards, and it is possible to close yourself off completely. In some homes, trellis fencing is used but the size of the holes between the slats is greatly reduced to lessen visibility from the outside. People may prefer this type of fencing because it has a more attractive look and the smaller holes allow light to penetrate.

Beyond privacy, fences also secure a property and ensure that children and animals do not wander out. If privacy isn’t an issue and maintaining a view is, some families will opt for palisade fencing. If your property is fenced, it will also necessitate having a gate and there are numerous designs that will add style to a garden. You can choose from a range of wooden gates available but, as gates are usually very hard-working, extremely attractive and highly functional metal gates can also be installed.

Consulting with a fencing expert company

If you live in North Wales, there are companies that can be contacted who will assist you to design your ideal fencing and will install it too. If you are looking for flair in your garden, they might recommend a continental trellis that has a gentle curve to the top, or a fan trellis for a small area. There is no end to the different types of materials that can be used and the shapes that can be tailor-made to fit your home. Visit here for more information.

Industrial fencing

If you need to secure the perimeter of a manufacturing business, there are numerous industrial fencing options available too. These would include chain-link fencing and galvanised steel fencing. Some sporting facilities, such as tennis courts and swimming pools, also need to be fenced with enclosure fencing either for safety or convenience. For those in the country who need to contain livestock, paddock fencing can also be supplied. With the high rainfall throughout the year in North Wales, you would need to ensure that all wooden fencing has been treated for durability.

Morton and Jones have provided a wide range of different fencing in North Wales for many years. Visit them online regarding any needs you have for either fencing or gates.