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Stairs are a common feature in Guildford homes, and those who are mobile think nothing of dashing up and down them. However, the moment it becomes difficult, through age or disability, to move with ease, stairs can become a huge barrier in your own home. To restore access in a quick and efficient way, many people are making use of chair lifts. Installing a chair lift can literally return your independence and enable you to continue living in your home if it’s built on more than one floor.

Choosing the right chair lift

Nowadays, there are chair lifts for every budget and for every different shape of staircase. Most of these products are designed for quality and safety, so can be trusted as a reliable form of transportation. It will be necessary for a consultant to visit you in your home, as every layout of stairs can be different. If your home is in Guildford, there are specialist suppliers of chair lifts that can be contacted. The representative will need to check on the width and length of your stairs, and will present a set of drawings for the installation of the rails. These rails will be secured directly onto the tread of the stairs, against the wall, and it is on these that the chair will travel. In some parts of the home, it is necessary for the rails to be folded away until needed, and this would be included as part of the design.

Rails can be modified to fit a wide range of possibilities. It stands to reason that if your stairs are straight, the cost of designing and installing the chair lift will be less expensive, as standard stock can be used. Of course, curved staircases can also be accommodated but the rails will be custom-built to the specifications of your stairs. The chair part of the chair lift can also be modified, from a basic design to a luxury quality chair. The upholstery of the chair can be chosen to match with the décor of your home. Chair lifts can also be used for the steps leading up to your home and, again, the rails can be designed for either straight or curved staircases. You can visit here to get more details.


Chair lifts generally have power to lift differing weights. Some are able to carry 400 pounds of weight, and will cater to the heavier individual. Occasionally it is obesity that impairs a person’s mobility, so these highly powered chair lifts will be needed. The outdoor chair lifts will usually have weather-resistant chair covers and rails to ensure that they are operational year-round. Other features usually include a ‘soft’ start and stop functionality guaranteeing a smooth ride.

Bentley Mobility

has a wide range of chair lifts in Guildford available for installation. Visit them online to arrange for a consultant to visit you in your home.