So You Want a Used Aga Cooker?

by | Jul 19, 2014 | Home Improvement

The Aga (Aktiebolaget Gas Accumulator ) Cooker was invented in 1922 by Dr. Gustaf Dalen, an inventor. After he blinded himself from an experiment, he designed the Aga to lessen his wife’s daily chores. The Aga emits heat continually throughout the house, provides hot water for cooking, laundry and dishwashing, and many testify that food cooked on the Aga tastes better than on any other range. One other benefit of the Aga is that food retains its moisture without getting soggy. Many Aga enthusiasts would not think of using any other cooker.

A Used Aga Cooker is a Great Investment
If you appreciate an Aga, you have an admiration for enduring craftsmanship: the oldest known Aga being used today was made in 1932. However, considering the cost of a new Aga, buying a used model is a pragmatic alternative to purchasing a new one.

Nothing Else Quite Like an Aga
The strong British cast iron used in an Aga surpasses the materials used in most other cookers. Most conventional ovens run on cycles and require a fan to produce rapid heated air. The cast iron of the Aga produces radiant heat, causing the heat to stay constant and be gentle on food.

One Aga = High Output + Low Maintenance
In most kitchens today, you’ll find an oven, stovetop, microwave and toaster. A used Aga cooker, however, will do the work of three of these appliances. The Aga’s stovetop and oven is excellent for preparing everyday meals. And, the Aga can also simmer, fry, grill, roast and toast. To add to their versatility, the enamel surfaces of the Aga virtually clean themselves with a simple wipe down or the use of a wire brush to loosen heavy spills.

A used Aga can be reconditioned to restore its beauty and longevity. During restoration, the cast iron panels are all re-enameled in your preferred color.  The oven shell is sandblasted back to bare cast iron.  All of the steel, aluminum and chrome components are recycled and newly replaced.  A used Aga cooker will provide years of reliably good cooking and low upkeep.


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