Some of the benefits of hiring a skip for waste disposal

by | Jun 30, 2023 | Waste Management

Any major home renovation project will result in a considerable amount of rubble and other waste, it is not only home renovation, the same thing holds true for construction sites as well as annual spring cleanup around your home and garden. Most local councils will not take this waste so the alternative is skip hire in Cardiff. What are some of the more common reasons for skip hire?

Home renovation, regardless of whether it is only one room or the entire house.

* Converting your loft or basement into additional living space

* Installation of a garage, garden shed or adding a conservatory

* Replacing roof tiles or gutters

* Laying a new patio or path

* Tree or hedgerow removal, any major gardening project

These represent only a few of the reasons why skip hire in Cardiff will make waste disposal easier and while the skip is in position it can be filled as the waste accumulates thus keeping the surroundings waste and rubble free.

There are as many benefits to skip hire as there are reasons to hire one, some of the reasons are as follows:

* All the accumulated waste from the project can be kept and maintained in one dedicated spot, this means the whole project can take place in an area that is clean and free from rubble that may actually prove to be dangerous if left lying around the site.

* Safety is of paramount importance around any kind of building site or home renovation project. Waste materials that are allowed to accumulate wherever pose a danger to those working on the site as well as those passing by. A single piece of broken glass or an exposed nail can quickly cause an injury which won’t happen if a skip is employed.

* Skips can be delivered and dropped anywhere they are needed. In the event the skip must be dropped on the road or public space the company that you hire the skip from can arrange a permit, if this is not possible then you can avail of a “wait and load” service which eliminates the need for a permit.

Although skip hire in Cardiff does bring with it numerous benefits remember that there are some things that you cannot dispose of this way. Old tyres, car batteries, domestic appliances, fluorescent bulbs, etc must be taken to special facilities set up expressly for these items. Click here to know more.

If you are about to start a major project around your home before you begin you should arrange skip hire in Cardiff. Caerphilly Skips have sizes to suit your project needs, they drop off and pick up or they offer a wait and load service.


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