Stairlifts are a Major Benefit in Homes of the Disabled

by | Jul 31, 2014 | Health

There is a great deal of preparation that goes into readying the home for assisted living of the disabled. The ultimate goal is to make them as comfortable as possible and in doing so, it can sometimes be overwhelming to try and think of every accommodation possible. It’s not an easy task but one that is completely possible with the proper planning, tools and approach. In homes that have more than one level, it is a basic essential to include a stairlift to assist in stair travel for the individual. This is one of the greatest inventions ever made and aide with disabilities of this type successfully. There are many styles, sizes and function levels available in Bideford but the overall goal is a common one, to simplify the process and lessen the pain during stair use.

A Great Help to the Caregiver

Not only does the disabled individual benefit from the use of the stairlift but it proves to be a great help to the caregiver and other family as well. It can be a physical, emotional and mental burden caring for someone who has mobility restrictions. The assistance of components such as the stairlift is a major contribution to the care that is provide. The excess weight that is endured in trying to move the person from the bottom to the top or vice versa can prove to be a much added strain on the helper and could eventually lead to physical limitations on them as well. This should be avoided at all cost and assistance in transport around the house helps to alleviate much of the added stress.

The Modified Movement

As they were first introduced, there was one thought and one thought only in mind and that was to get up and down the stairs with very little trouble. However, as time progressed and use became greater, ideas to improve surfaced as well. This presented the addition of accessories to the stairlift that aided in helping to carry items along with them such as an added basket. Remote controlled options are another great addition that really simplified use and made the machine user friendly for almost everyone. The initial benefit of simply being able to go up and down grew wings and took off as ideas begin to surge about ways to make the lift full of accommodations.

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