Stairlifts Space Challenge Solution Features

by | Dec 1, 2016 | Stairlifts

In as much as people want to install curved stairlifts in Exeter, there is one question that does not leave their minds; space. It is normal for people to wonder whether the stairlifts will be too bulky thus inhibiting the movement of people or if it will occupy too much space. The solution lies in the various designs that are available in the market which are used depending on the features and design of your home. The designs use minimal space ensuring minimal use of the space at your home.

Some of the features include;

Fold away features – This feature ensures that other people and pets can still use the stairway at any time. The stairlifts come with fold away features such as footrest, arms rest and seats. The features are folded manually or using power. If the stairlift is linked, the footrest and seat fold away at the same time when the power button is pressed. Linked stairlifts are good for people with back and knee problems or those with conditions that make bending difficulty.

Hinged tracks – If you install a stairlift where there is a cupboard, doorway or passageway at the bottom; it tends to block the way and limits access to the stairway. To prevent this, you can use a powered hinge, slide track or a manual hinge. A manual hinge is raised or lowered using hand to open up the stairway for other people to use. Powered versions are easy to use as you only press a button then the stairlift folds up.

Fitting the stairlift externally or internally the stairs – Most curved stairlifts in Exeter are placed on the longer or shorter side of the staircase. To create leave room on the staircase, place the stairlift externally or on the longer side of the staircase.

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