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Burglar and intruder alarms in Southampton are being installed in increasing numbers. It is a sad reality that crime statistics show the need to take precautions against potential criminals, and an alarm system is a good way to provide peace of mind. There are many different types of alarm systems available and experts advise that you consult with your insurance company before purchasing. This way you will receive professional input and know which systems are likely to be most advantageous. The good news is that you can also expect a reduction of up to 15% on your insurance if they approve the alarm system that you have installed.

What are the different types of intruder alarms?

Some alarms operate off a ‘bell’ system. When this alarm is triggered, a siren goes off. This creates a very loud noise and your neighbours and houses further away will probably be able to hear it. The purpose of this system is exactly that – to bring to the attention of people around you that your home security has been breached. You should be aware that setting off this type of alarm doesn’t necessarily mean that the police will respond – unless they are called by a helpful passer-by or nearby resident.

It’s for this reason that many households now prefer to pay extra to have their alarms connected to a control centre. A good centre will monitor your alarm constantly and will respond as soon as it is triggered. Most control centres will call your home first in case you have set off your own alarm by accident. You will have been given a password or code that you will need to provide to the centre in order to convince them that you are not a burglar yourself! If there is no response to your phone, the control centre will immediately notify the Police. This type of alarm is more expensive than a ‘bells-only’ alarm as you need to cover the costs of the control centre. Visit here for more information.

Choosing the right company to partner with

If you have a home or business in Southampton, you would be well advised to look locally to find a reputable company that can install your burglar and intruder alarms. You will receive professional advice as to the type of system best suited to the area, as well as ideas as to how to prevent false alarms. The bad news about false alarms is that the Police tend to become weary of chasing to your home if these alarms keep being triggered by accident – for example, when your cat jumps onto a chair and the highly sensitive sensor is activated. In certain areas, the Police Department keep records and downgrade your call-out when too many false alarms have been received. This will be very detrimental when a genuine alarm is sounded. A company specialising in alarm systems will take your circumstances into consideration, and is aware that pets sometimes trigger alarms, and will change the design or sensitivity of the system accordingly.

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