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You need to tax your vehicle or motorcycle using various reference forms. They include current V11 reminders or a recent warning letter from DVLA, your logbook (VC5)-it must have your real names written on it, plus a green slip from a logbook if it’s a car you just bought. If you don’t have any of the above documents, you’ll have to apply for a new logbook. Working with a tax accountant in Cobham is the only sure way to tax your vehicle effectively.

They’ll ask for a debit card, credit card, or direct debit for payment. It’s important to realize that you must tax your vehicle even if you are exempt from it- you’re disabled. This is one of the legal obligations you have to meet before you start driving your car. If you need to change your vehicle tax class to or from a disabled, then outsourcing a tax accountant in Cobham is the best way to make the process successful. They know the criteria to follow, and they are right at their fingertips. You can only apply for this change at the post office.

It’s important to highlight if your vehicle is off the road. For instance, if you’re keeping it in the garage, David Beckman &Co Ltd has tons of experience dealing with such situations. If you are ever in a fix and need help to tax your car, it’s imperative to reach out to a tax accountant in Cobham for assistance. They’ll help you find out if a car is up to date regarding tax vehicle or it has been highlighted to be off-road (SORN). It’ll take at least five working days to get a response. The only requirement you’ll need is the number plate of your car. Contact them today at for this and other related services.