The Benefits of Hiring a Concrete Supplier Who Uses Volumetric Mixers

by | Jun 24, 2014 | Construction & Contractors

If you don’t know how to concrete in Watford, you may be wondering what the difference is between a mix on site concrete supplier and a ready mixed supplier. Mix on site suppliers mix the concrete at your project to ensure that enough is made to fill the designated area. Ready mix supplies however mix the concrete at the plant, so it is ready upon arrival. Some companies offer both of these services, to ensure that a great all round service is delivered to their customers. Mix on site concrete providers generally use volumetric proportioning mixers, and this can be very beneficial to your project.

What Is a Volumetric Mixer?

With a volumetric mixer, all the ingredients, including the sand, stone, water and cement, are placed in separate containers. Once the mixer has arrived at the site, the ingredients are measured and metered before being poured into the central mixer. A volumetric mixer allows you to mix any type of concrete on site, to meet any specification. The best thing about a volumetric mixer is that there is no waste. You can measure out exactly what you want with no worry at all. When the mix has finished, you can create a totally new combination of materials to meet the requirements for the next job. You get a lot of flexibility, and this is great if you have multiple sites that need filling.

Hydration and Segregation

Because the mix itself doesn’t take place until you’re on site, no hydration or segregation takes place during the transportation period. This means that your concrete will always be fresh and on hand. This is great for those who are ordering from a distant location, as your concrete won’t set before it arrives. Another great thing about using a volumetric mixer is that you can create pigmented, added admixtures, foamed concrete and even fibre enhanced alternatives. When your concrete mixer arrives on site, your concreting professionals will be able to help you decide which mix is best, as well as helping you lay it down to ensure a smooth finish which is both durable and incredibly weather resistant. Whatever your purpose, you can be sure to reap the benefits when you hire a company which uses volumetric mixers.

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