The Best Travelling Companion in the World

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It’s one of the most frequently seen modes of transport on the United Kingdom roads and also one of the most mocked. However, the humble caravan has been the traveler’s friend for over fifty years, carrying their goods and chattels around the country as they worm their way through country lanes and motorways to all the most interesting places. Caravans might be the target of jokes to the Top Gear mob and Jeremy Clarkson because they are always doing some kind of ‘blow up a caravan’ stunt, but to millions of British tourists they are the lifeblood of the British holiday. What would life be like without a caravan to fill with our stuff and hitch to the back of the car and taken on our tour of the British Isles in the summer?

Caravans are referred to as travel trailers in many other countries, including the United States of America. The travel trailer, over there is one of the main sources of travel, but not as largely popular as the RV—the Recreational Vehicle. The RV is anything but humble next to the caravan. It is flamboyant and loud and it is not afraid to brag. The caravan, however is quiet, unassuming and has a subtle flair that can only be appreciated by people from the United Kingdom. It’s a cultural thing and the caravan can fit into smaller spaces, glide around the slimmest of country lanes and park in a smaller parking space than an RV.

Come Camp with me

Caravans vary in size from a tiny little ‘teardrop’ trailer that sleeps two, to a large eight birth caravan that house a small family. The history of the caravan dates back to the early Romany Gypsies, but the modern caravan is a camping tool that many people prefer in replacement of tents. Caravans can also vary in price depending on the age, whether they are new or used, and how big they are. People might search a local newspaper or online website for a caravan for sale in Ashford, Tunbridge Wells, Sevenoaks, or any other part of Kent if they want to get into the caravan holiday spirit and buy their own just for the fun of it.

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