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Everyone has heard the old adage: “good fences make good neighbours”, which is apparently attributed to Robert Frost, although speculation remains. No matter who first said it, the truth of the statement continues. Land ownership is central to each individual who has purchased property, and having border lines clearly delineated and protected is important. If it wasn’t so, human beings wouldn’t have been piling up rocks from the beginning of time to create walls that demarcate their territory.

Nowadays, fences do more than simply show where a property begins and ends. Where homes are tightly packed together, a fence can provide privacy. Fences are also used to keep unwanted people out of a property and to keep others – such as young children and pets – safely inside. Fences have become ornamental and are used to enhance a garden, or can be used as trellises on which to grow plants and provide decoration. A trellis is an attractive form of fencing as it’s softer than the heavier panel fencing that is used to obscure all vision and maximise privacy. Trellis fencing can be modified so that the gaps between the struts are very small, thus allowing light to penetrate while also minimizing vision through the fence.

Getting advice on fencing in Wrexham

There is such a wide variety of fences available – not just in design, but also in the materials that can be used – that consulting a professional fencing company is a good start. An expert fencing concern will not just discuss the range of possibilities, but will also be able to design and install the fencing you need. In a town like Wrexham that receives an average of 9 rainy days every month of the year, any wooden fencing would need to be pressure or dip treated to ensure longevity. Fencing can be a costly investment, and wood’s greatest enemy is moisture, so it’s essential to have this treatment done to protect your financial outlay. You can click here to get more details.

Business fencing

Fencing is not just for homes and gardens, of course. Businesses, particularly manufacturing concerns, need fences to protect their properties and safeguard their equipment and raw materials. Once again, the range of designs and materials is vast. For example, there is steel palisade fencing, which has enormous strength and durability; perimeter fencing that will demarcate the area and keep intruders out; chain-link fencing which is a common sight around stadiums and business premises; and galvanised steel fencing, which is the most robust of all. It’s a good idea when choosing a fencing contractor to check on previous projects and the success of these, as well as to ensure that the company has worked for various councils and knows local requirements.

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